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ShopO LLC is a cause-related, cross-border, e-commerce and logistics company specializing in services that make it possible for non-US residents to find, buy and ship products from the US to countries around the world. WorldShop LLC is the parent company of ShopO LLC and both companies use,, and other variations of the ShopO brand to organize consumers into ShopO Circles so that ShopO Circle Leaders can provide shopping services to ShopO Circle Members.

Both ShopO Circle Leaders and ShopO Circle Members are assigned US physical addresses to ship orders to and when these packages arrive, they are opened, inspected, photographed and consolidated into a single outbound box which is then shipped to the international address of the ShopO Circle Leader.

At ShopO, we are committed to protecting the privacy of our users. Our main priority is to protect your personal information and keep it confidential. For this reason we have issued the following privacy statements.

ShopO Privacy Policy

Due to the importance we place on the privacy of your personal information, our websites operate under a strict set of privacy standards. These standards are subject to change as they are modified to adjust to the evolving nature of the internet. We recommend you consult these policies periodically.

As a part of our registration process, ShopO requires personal information from its users. The information required includes your name, e-mail address, cell phone number, country of residence, and personal security verification information. This information will be used to provide you with an account number and register you as a user of our services.

ShopO may also ask for additional personal information in other occasions when it needs so to provide a particular service. For example, we may request your birthday if we are running a birthday promotion or offering a product that cannot legally be sold to people under a certain age. Occasionally, ShopO will survey its users as an internal control measure of traffic to the website and services offered. ShopO permits users to verify and update information which simultaneously enables us to inform you of new products and services., and (and various other websites and apps on smartphones that use the ShopO name) are affiliated web sites and services of ShopO LLC and WorldShop LLC. As such, these sites will share customer information directly and via Application Program Interfaces (APIs) with each other and with 3rd party software companies and service providers that are important parts of the ShopO partner network. For example, you cell phone number is part of your user identity and will be used by each of the partners to confirm who you are and possibly to contact you.

ShopO reserves the right to use cookies to control and store your personal information. A cookie is a small piece of text stored on a user's computer by a web browser. The cookie is stored in the hard drive of your computer or smartphone. ShopO sites that require your account number also require you to accept cookies. Cookies enable us to remember our users and access their accounts (stored in our network), allowing for a more personalized service. In addition, cookies help us understand our market, oversee traffic in our network, and track your preferences and movement through our website. You have the option of accepting or rejecting cookies by editing network preferences on your computer. You may program your computer to reject all cookies or to alert you when one is being sent to your computer. Rejecting cookies, however, will significantly limit your ability to navigate our site and restrict access to many of our services online.

In some cases, ShopO will provide partner companies with this information for secondary use in order to offer you additional products and services. ShopO, however, will provide you with the option of blocking the use of personal information by partner firms.

ShopO and its network uses advanced technology to protect personal information. ShopO has a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate. SSL technology protects our website by encrypting sensitive information during online transactions, codifying information and preventing the interception of information entered by our users, such as credit card numbers and email addresses.

It is important for you to have in mind that in some cases websites related to ShopO as well as advertisements on our website can ask you for personal information. The use of your personal information by these third parties is not under our jurisdiction or included in the Confidentiality Policy of ShopO.

In accordance with our terms and conditions, ShopO reserves the right to release personal information of users if required by law, and/or if considered needed to comply with established regulations, and/or to protect our operations, our intellectual property rights, that of our website and the privacy of our users.

If you have any questions regarding our privacy policy or if you consider that any of our websites do not comply with the statements listed above, please direct your comments to our Legal Department at ShopO ( or by mail:

Attn: Legal Dept.
9600 Blue Larkspur Lane, Suite 201
Monterey, CA