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The Vision
Imagine millions of neighborhood shopping circles
owned and operated by trusted personal shoppers
offering global reach for members and merchants.
Watch the ShopO story
Under the ShopO™ banner, these global leaders are helping us make this vision a reality:

How ShopO Works

ShopO's Influence Graph combines the delivery connections
of UPS, the trust connections of Western Union
and the friend connections of Facebook.

Join the ShopO Community

ShopO Circle Members
Shop with a personal shopper from your own neighborhood
  • Barriers like location, language, price, currency, customs and complexity prevent most consumers from buying quality merchandise from anywhere in the world.
  • By joining together, Circle Members overcome these barriers and also achieve significant savings through merchant deals and group discounts.
  • Circle Members use their coordinated purchases and combined buying power to make the ShopO Community work for all involved.
ShopO Circle Leaders
Earn your livelihood by shopping online for others
  • Local influencers can now build a business they are proud of by providing a personal shopping service that their friends and neighbors will love.
  • Once trained, Circle Leaders enjoy the benefits of being their own bosses, working the hours they want and controlling how much they will earn.
  • Circle Leaders earn extra income while ensuring that a world’s worth of merchants’ products are now available to every Circle Member in the ShopO Community.
ShopO Merchants
Sell your products to millions of buyers around the world
  • Most merchants don’t ship to all 220+ countries and most won’t accept the local payment types used in the countries to which they will ship.
  • With ShopO, these accessibility problems are solved by giving every buyer an in-country shipping address and a trusted method of ordering.
  • All merchants in the ShopO Community, without making any site changes, thereby become global sellers with easy access to millions of new buyers.

The ShopO Apps

ShopO Circles

Join a ShopO Circle to gain access to great deals from
US merchants and lower cost international shipping

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ShopO Address

Claim your FREE ShopO US address and
start buying US products today

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ShopO Leaders

Track ShopO's growth and identify ShopO Leadership
opportunities throughout the World

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We are contributing 50% of ShopO's profits to empower women entrepreneurs and to support global literacy in English.

Join us today because the investments we make in people will pay everlasting dividends!

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